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An online berating (similar to a real world bitchslap), conducted over gchat or AIM, that is intended to knock some sense into someone.
e34: I may be late for practice tonight
toobutz: why?
e34: that fly honey asked me to coffee
toobutz: DUDE, seriously? You're due for a major chatslap...forget about that ho and get your ass there on time.
e34: daym. f.i.n.e.
by Dear Famous Asshole July 30, 2008
To give someone a brief, pointed, reprimand via text for an "out of line" remark. The virtual equivalent to a "slap upside the head" for an inappropriate or rude comment while texting or in "chat" with someone. A "WTF were you thinking moment" where you give someone a quick "dressing down" in order to bring the conversation back onto previous path.
She deserved a chat slap for being so rude to her best friend. OR ... She gave him a chat slap when he answered her question about the homework assignment, with ribald sexting.
by Kasheega January 21, 2015
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