Slang for Ladillas in Spanish and or Crabs in english
Hey man Fred went to Juarez last nigh and he fucked a puta, he
probably got some chatos if not worse.
by hikosj May 16, 2007
Top Definition
slang noun meaning short, small or stubby in some cases
That homie was chato when he was younger.
by HungDiego August 30, 2006
In Portuguese, "chato" can mean "flat", "boring" or "annoying". It is also a slang term for "crabs" (pubic lice).
"I think that hooker gave me chatos, man."
by El Ñarro May 03, 2010
A "Chato" is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He values family and loves little kids. There's a goofy side to him, but most of the time he's quiet and reserved. He must get to know a person before he opens up to them. When he falls in love, he does everything he can to care for his girl and love her. The best gift he can give to her is his heart. He's sweet, tender, and kind. Though he may not admit it, he is pretty competitive and likes a challenge. He can be very scatter-brained at times, but he can also be extremely focused. BEWARE if he is focused on you...chances are you will find yourself lost in his deep, dark eyes. He is a loyal friend, and you can always trust a "Chato."
by rockspebblesseashells February 10, 2013
Mexican slang for being stoned/lit/high/gone/on cloud 9. Basically means you're stoned.
Friend: aayyy man are you chato?

You: Hell yea Im chato as a muthafucka!
by JVgravy March 13, 2015
someone who is treatened as an asshole but as well with respect
- ¿Me das tu numero de teléfono? - No quiero que lo sepas chato
by jamusi April 29, 2015
An amazing person with a heart of gold. Someone who often doesn't realize just how much they are worth to those around them. A person who is always looking for perfection, so much so that they have no idea that they have already accomplished it. Someone who holds my heart in their hands and makes me thankful everyday that I have been blessed with their presence. Chato's are also usually hispanic with a semi-ghetto aura, big hair on occasion, and a love for asians.
Taina: Who is dat boy with the hair?
Moesha: OHHH dats Chato
Taina:Dayuuuum he is fiiiIIIne!
Moesha:let's get it
Taina:hahaha yasss we stay on dat hispanic grind

Random Asian #1: Why is there a hispanic in our class?
Random Asian #2: Good question.
by sadiesaysurwelcome December 25, 2011

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