a want to be chonga, a girl who trys to be a chonga but isnt one succesfully.

can also refer to a slut or a dirty mexican aka a wetback or in some random occasions a porchmonkey
"Wow mari juan diego de la treschimbombas is such a chata she cant be chongariffic like us."
#chata #chato #chonga #chongo #slut
by isah August 07, 2006
Top Definition
- hispanic origins - female adjetive to describe something truncated, or flat. Nickname for a girl who has a small flat nose, or small breasts. (CHATO = is the male version)
"How can Maria breathe through her nose, she's so chata"

"Dude Nancy needs a boob job, she's too damn chata"
by LJim August 15, 2005
Portuguese (Brazilian) slang term meaning something along the lines of stubborn or picky. In some cases can be used to say annoying. Usually this can be used as a term of endearment, as playful banter.
Portuguese: Oi Chata! Tudo bem!?

English: Hey Chata! Everything well!?
#chata #chato #brazil #portuguese #slang
by fresca_ October 20, 2009
A set-up to dis someone
You talk to chata yet?


Chata fuck up!
by Dane February 15, 2004
a lazy way to say "Shut the fuck up"
chata (pronounced choughtda) fuck up!
#choughta #chata #shata #schata #shoughta
by jazzy4200 October 24, 2010
Mexican American origins - noun.

- An American of full or partial Mexican descent.
Mexican American names commonly referred to; Chata, Chella, Chemma, Chato,

Things Mexican Americans don't like to do; to get up early. in the morning. or to go to movies where they have to put on contact lenses to make their blue eyes brown cause it makes their brown eyes blue.

Things they do like; their Nana's and their Nono's and their Nina's and their Nino's........ Nano Nano Nina Nono! Oh! and they like flowers, and music, and white girls named Debbie too!

Examples of famous mexican americans: George Lopez, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Edward James Olmos, Eva Longoria
#mexican americans #chata #chella #cholo #chemma #chato #chong #getting up early #in the morning
by ~Jeff (son-in law of Chata) January 08, 2014
word used to silence someone when they are talking about something they shouldnt be talking about.
Chata the fuck up! Cha Ta! Chata your mouth!
by carly January 14, 2005
A tattoo dedicated to love, whether it's in memory of lost love, newfound love,
Danny Trejo from that movie Bubble Boy has a badass chata on his chest of a woman in a sombrero.
#cata #chaata #chataa #chatah #chatha
by G-MEX November 25, 2007
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