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A chat slut is a woman, girl, or in some cases a guy who chats 24/7 looking for a chatmance. They could be single or married but in all cases they are too limp to actually go in an appropriate chat room and ask for cyber sex, which is what they want from the get go. A chat slut is not only lame but way ugly, therefore they must chat with a paper bag over their heads.
Justhere, georgie, KKG, fedup and Ilovewill are all big chat sluts. They can't get a live man who weighs under 400 lbs. therefore they have to give a cyberman like blackhats, Oldsmurf, and Closer lapdances in chat.
by autobot January 16, 2007
When on Face Book and you are live chatting with more than one person at a time.
Mary: R U there??? What takes you so long to respond?
Jane: Sorry I can't keep up with the conversation I'm being a chat slut. Chatting with Bob and John too
by wineluvinfool May 05, 2010
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