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The act of scrounging for one last hit after a serious crack or cocaine binge
Homie: "Hey Karl, quit scrapin' the mirror, there's no more blow left. You're just chasing the ghost!"

Karl: "Fuck you man, I can get one more line off this mirror!"

Homie: "Whateva"

Karl: "Well then call your boy and let's get some more of that shit!"

Homie: "We already been up for 2 days and I aint got no money left."

Karl: "AWWW SHIT!"
by JHop February 14, 2008
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Scraping your meth pipe to get resin hits. Usually done after all money and possessions have been used or sold, and you're craving.
"Code man quit chasing the ghost you fucking tweak! Lay off the dope and hit this goat."
by BIG TY Riek November 02, 2008

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