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In poker, to continue playing a hand that will not win as-is, but needs one or two specific cards to make it a winner. Odds are that you will not catch the card you need and loose betting respect at the table.
I had three hearts, so I chased the flush to the river and missed.

I call your all-in, you chaser.
by Coell November 10, 2005
62 108
The coolest fucker ever. Often seen with bitches and a cane.
Everyone including you wishes they were Chase
by Chase February 09, 2005
5239 2023
A man of passion, a passion that burns like fire, fire in his ass and pants. You don't know whether to love or hate him, but he could be your father.
Chase has slept with over 25,341 women, most of them in the U.S. and Pacific Ocean.

Yes... I know Chase. I'm his bastard child. One of them, anyway.
by Bastard #1324 February 10, 2005
2641 1685
sweetest brother on earth. the kind that makes you proud to say "yeah, we're related"
My brother is a total Chase
by sister of a Chase March 20, 2005
2208 1305
Someone who has an acceptionally large penis.
"Did you see that Chase!?"
"Yes, omgsh it was HUGE!"
by burandee September 05, 2007
2019 1225
the guy everyone wants to see naked.
ted is so hot from the back,side,front,and exspecially.....the lower waist
ya, he is such a CHASE!
by pimpslap-64 April 21, 2008
1484 901
1. The name you use when referring to someone who can give amazing hugs and make anyone laugh.
I met this amazing amazing guy and I swear he was a Chase.
by it needs more cowbell! February 23, 2009
1165 623
A more extensive word for "cool." More similar to the word "clutch." Used to explain and describe the ultimate coolness factor.
Did you see that new movie on Friday? It was so chase.
by SKS May 08, 2007
1054 641