a method of smoking heroin.
that skag heads been chasing the dragon for years1
by bbh April 23, 2003
Top Definition
(1) "Chasing the dragon" is a method of smoking opium (opium is often referred to as a dragon in asian cultures). The opium is heated on some kind of metal and a fine line of smoke evolves from the heated drug. This smoke is now to be "chased" (meaning breathed in), often through a small tube, like a straw.
(2) Also used to describe a similar method of smoking other drugs (heroine, crack, etc)
In many cultures it is common to chase the dragon every day.
by ederstone May 24, 2004
Originally, a phrase refering to the smoking of opiate drugs.
How long have youbeen chasing the dragon?
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
Used by Steely Dan in the song "Time out of mind"
"Tonight when I chase the dragon the water may change to cherry wine. And the silver will turn to gold, time out of mind."
by Shavonda February 12, 2005
aka. puff the magic dragon
Bushama chased the dragon in an oval room
by abracadabra January 20, 2004
Chasing the dragon is smoking heroin off the silver foil usually found in gum wrappers.
by cn1999 September 23, 2003
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