*a word used as an expression that shows that a person has commited a very flattering remark.Could be used as to replace 'really' or 'ohh' and etc...its been used to produce a very girlie reaction.just look at the example below.(char) or adj(charrae)=means that a person who is 'charrae'is soo impressive and flattering to be with.(chard)=to flatter,,to overly impress
guy:you know what......i really like you
girl:<blush> char!
'You know girls he's gonna treat me to a very wondeful place'
REPLY: ohhhhh.....char!!!!!
you know what i lyk guys who is soo charrae.....<soo impressive and flattering to be with>
Top Definition
gay lingo meaning a negation or nothingness or just kidding
synonymous to gay lingo - chost!
gay 1: hey girl i love your bag
gay 2: i love it too, charr!
by chosera September 16, 2013
A person who is of a racial or ethnic minority, preferably Chinese
Ew, look at that charr, I'm gonna go take a dump in his mouth.
by Nicky Harr May 05, 2006

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