Taken from the movie "Y Tu Mama Tambien," it is meant to mean 'space cowboy,' or 'astral cowboy.' Charolastra is taken from the spanish words, 'charro,' and 'astral.'

"It's kind of like an astral cowboy."

In the film, the characters say that it was really created from misinterpreted lyrics of a rock song. And the way they sing it, it seems as if the word, 'charolastra,' comes from The Clash's lyrics: "Should I stay, or should I go?" These lyrics were misinterpreted as: "Charolastra, charolo0oo. Charolastra, charoloooo."
?Que pasa charolastra?

?Como estas charolastra?
by Tu Paisano March 23, 2009
Top Definition
"It's kind of like an astral cowboy." Comes from misinterpreted lyrics to a song in English. (Does anyone know what song that'd be??)

"Y Tu Mamá También". Yeah.
"Charolastra, char-o-lo, charolastra, char-o-lo"
by charolastra April 13, 2005
quote from the movie "y tu mama tambien".
mexican slang meaning space cowboy.

one of the characters in the movie meant to say 'charro astral' or astral cowboy in reference to the song 'the Joker' by steve miller but said 'charolastra'. The kids in the movie then used it to mean cool dude or person.
que onda charolastra
by mando_c September 04, 2007
Combination of charro and astral coming from the magical universe of Julio Zapata and Tenoch Iturbide, or better called "Charolastras" in Carlos Cuaron's forth movie: Y tu Mama Tambien.

With charolastra brotherhood come greatest powers and principles that must be followed by word according to sacrosanct manifesto>>>

1. There is no greater honor than being a Charolastra.

2. Do whatever you feel like.

3. Pop beats poetry.

4. Get high at least once a day.

5. You shall not screw another Charolastra’s girl.

6. Whoever likes Team America is a fag.

7. Whacking off rules.

8. Never marry a virgin.

9. Whoever roots for Team America… (it’s worth repeating)

10. Truth is cool, but unattainable.

11. The asshole who breaks any of the previous rules loses his title of “Charolastra.”
What's up charolastra?

Not much charolastra? hey, dont it smell like bread here?

Puta you fucking hog, you are freaking disgusting motherfucker, fuck off here!
by zed Conte April 01, 2010
From the movie 'Y tu mama tambien.' It's a "space cowboy", "charro astral" in spanish. In the movie they use it among their closest friends, like bro or dude. It's is said to have derived from the song "Should I say or should I go" from The Clash. They thought the song contained "charolastra" in the lyrics.
"¿Que onda charolastra, como as estado carajo?"
"Charolastra charolo...charolastra charoloo...!" (should I stay or should go?! should I stay or should I go...!?")
by elChueko August 13, 2011
guey in spanish, dude in english. Definition of friend for mexicans
Que onda Charoalstra? Como te va?
by Kevin Brian McFarlane October 06, 2003
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