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it is a word originally used by people from the southern part of the philippines to express a feeling of being proud at someone's attributes or achievements so as not to appear too cocky. it originated from the phrase "charmos ginamos tag singko ang takos" or in tagalog, charmos ginamos tig limang piso ang dakal or in english, it could be translated as charmos ginamos five peso per scoop. it does not really mean anything except that it is an expression as previously described although ginamos is a type of fish sauce in the southern part of the philippines. shorter variations are char, charmos.
im so beautiful today. char!

we are so going to win this competition!charmos ginamos!

i was the first one who finished the examination and yet i got flying colors. charmos ginamos tag singko ang takos!
by comeonaileen January 25, 2013
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A person who's loud funny sport freak and friends with everyone
Oh that guy is a Charmo
by Charmoooo March 16, 2017
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