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comes from "charming" , and the flamboyant but handsome "Prince.Charming"
Is not afraid to show his feminine side+ a v.respectful guy.One of the nicest guys you'll meet/speak to.Not afraid to try out anything new, including dresses and makeup.
Cries at chick flicks. a rare species of the rapidly increasing population of MALE.Is definitly not a man slut.
Often used to describe a GBF but is straight, to the point of becoming a ruler.2. Word used to put in the place of something
1.Girl" OMG i was talking to insert name here last night !"
Girl2"Oh yeh ive heard about him, apparently he's a GBF?"
Girl1"Yeh , Great best friend?! OMG hes SUCH a charmalar!!!"
Girl2"Bitch. I wish i had a charmalar 8("

2."oh just put the charmalar there."
by <3 Fleurtini June 01, 2010
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