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The act of your lover taking a dump on your chest, and then taking two fingers and smearing the poop in a zig-zag pattern over your stomach like Charlie Brown's shirt.
"Jen is bringing a blue tarp tonight, she is going to give me a charlie brown"
by bigbootyhos November 14, 2012
2 6
a male's penis after he loses an erection.
Kiesha doesn't want to have phone sex with todd, therefore todd has a charlie brown.
by dejanay February 27, 2008
11 17
Code word homosexuals use to connect with other homosexuals. in other words "I'm interested."
gay: Charlie Brown?
gay2: Charlie Brown!
both: yay!!!

gay: Charlie Brown?
straight: What? um no, my name's Jim
gay: Oh, well this is humiliating
by adeleBeautiful01 December 10, 2010
1 8
I,E, Same This as a Dirty Sanchez, Just a different name, and more of a curve on the lip.
Fuck that bitch, then Charlie Brown her Bitch ass!
by Dee-y September 29, 2009
2 9
Charlie Brown = Bad Cocaine. This could be either because it gives a bad experience, is contaminated, or just not very good. Often abbreviated to CB.
"don't get the coke from him though, he charlie browned us last time" dont use him as a dealer, he gave us awful cocaine last time

"it was like totally charlie brown" it was really bad cocaine

"I'm blatantly gonna pass him CB, he's totally oblivious" I'm gonna sell him bad cocaine because he has no idea what to expect
by Emily Fay January 30, 2007
4 11
One of the three MCs making up "Leaders of the New School," a hip-hop group from the early 90's. The other MCs were Dinco D and Busta Rhymes. Busta Rhymes is the only one of the three to go on to great success as a solo artist.
"Inside outside, come around. Who's that? Brown!" -from Charlie Brown's verse on Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario"
by PHIFE-AL-QUEST May 02, 2005
39 46
A variation of the Vietnamese Steamer but with a more holistic, fiber enriched diet. The poop comes out healthier, less spicy and pungent. It's identical to the Cleveland Steamer in style and substance, but performed exclusively on Vietnamese soil or by native Vietnamese people on foreign soil.
Liptang was eating a lot of broccoli so he could give his girlfriend a Charlie Brown for Tet.
by CSuckinhell March 31, 2009
6 14