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Charlie Potatoes is an old British and American slang term for a man who is on top of the world in terms of either money or popularity. In the film "The Defiant Ones," the escaped convict John "Joker" Jackson (Tony Curtis) fantasizes about a time when he will be rich and popular, calling himself "Charlie Potatoes" when he talks about it.
"I'm gonna buy me a pair of buckskin shoes, with a brand-new suit and a silk shirt. And I'll be Charlie Potatoes, comin' down the street, with a Panama hat and a good-lookin' gal."
by Big Swami September 07, 2007

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Of a male, to strut around like you have a roll of carpet under each arm thinking you are the dog's bollocks. Usually applied to spotty little chav bastards who take any eye contact to mean 'you have a problem'.
"Look at that cider drinking cunt over there acting like he's Charlie Potatoes"
by Taylor Durden June 01, 2004