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(n). One who habitually uses a public bathroom in a public place such as a library on a daily basis to relieve their load themselves. Quite often, the offender leaves the area foul smelling.
Every day at 3 Pm, Max comes into the library to free his load. Why doesn't he go home and use his own toilet? He's a charity crapper.
by Boggler March 05, 2004

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(n). 1. One who goes to parties, functions, and other events just for the freebies, but doesn't bring anything to eat/drink. 2. A guy/gal who goes out to eat, and when the time comes to divvy up the bill, says they are short.
3. Someone that does not reciprocate.

"Hey Paul, should I invite Bill?" "Oh, no, man! Not that charity crapper!"
by boggler October 01, 2005