1.) Those jerks from Left 4 Dead 2 that hit you with their oversized arm.

2.) Could be used to describe a device that refills your phone battery.

3.) Leeroy Jenkins.
1.) Aw, the charger just got me... MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-smack- And again

2.) Oh uh, it's charging.

by G.I. Hooker October 10, 2011
1) Teenage girls who are attracted to older men.
2) Team name for the Corner Canyon High School in Utah.
3) A pathetic attempt to please the few.
(40 year old man) - It's dangerous to be out at night, what are you doing??
(16 year old girl) - Following you, cutie.
(40 year old man) - You're one of them Chargers aren't you?
by LaughingBystander January 20, 2012
A car made by Dodge that teens or young adults drive. Purposely for appearance. To show off and play there loud music in.
Mario came down the street in his Charger playing his music loud.
by Jay_Mami_cuuh August 04, 2009
A word used to describe a large white woman with clothes that are to small witch may also have dyed hair, half a jean jacket, and some large ear rings because black guys the them and the dodge charger
Hey look that charger is driving a charger. Wait is that Tyrone riding shotgun?
by 1Iwil-e February 19, 2014
A woman's genitalia on a robot.

Laura started licking on he charger when Bush was gone.
by Mr.RoboFucker November 20, 2007
Someone who goes hard and all out with shit.
"Yo man, Jonno is a charger, charging 5 lines, 4 bikkies and a bottle of bourbon."
by Diego September 04, 2003
Pronun key:(Char-jur)
A player in the game of ball ball, that is allowed to ram into the yoga ball and launch the baller/jumper.
person 1:Dude, can I be the charger this time?
person 2:Fine, only 'cause you were the jumper last 47 times we played.
by Me-Hung-Low August 19, 2006
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