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To show someone up at something.
To brag consistantly about something you have done.
To walk around in a wife beater/shirt off.
To make yourself sound better with lies or false statements.
To belittle someone to make yourself feel better.
To fish for complements.
Mike: "Man I really want to learn how to backflip"

Dave: "Oh yeh? Well its super easy, I can do it in my sleep."

Mike: "Dude stop charding it!"
by Man Bear September 01, 2009
a guy who can make girls wet just thinking about him
girl: Chard...kleenex?
by chard October 08, 2005
A synonym for the male genitalia. "Blette", which is the french word for the leafy vegetable known as chard, is also a derogatory term for penis.
Joe is a chard eater.
by Devil Joe April 08, 2009
1. Pr.n. colloquialism of 'Richard'

2. v. as 'chard something up'. To, by error or misfortune, destroy iredeemably a situation that might otherwise have been promising or a suitestormme (see suitestormme).

3. adj. Meaning of poor quality or unfortunate.
1. Mod: Hello Chard
Chard: Hello Mod

2. Naan: So have you admitted she's you're girlfriend yet?
Ayrton Modstake: Yes. It has been confirmed.
Naad: Well, you really charded that one up, didn't you?

3. Although a sweet enough fellow, Joe was let down by his somewhat chard personal hygene.
by Steven Gerrard July 15, 2005
To 'Chard' something is to twist events so that an unwitting party will comply with your demands. Using white lies and incorrect facts to lure young people into sexual deeds.

Often associated with dirty old men.
"So how did you get her to go down on you, you lucky old git?"

"I just kept on Charding her until she gave in, I even made up some bullshit on the spot. She was eating out of the palm of my hands by the"
by Stinkyminky November 29, 2012
Piece of methamphetamine.
Can you break me off a chard? I need to smoke.
by dopedude October 27, 2011
The combination of a Chode and a Retard.
Tara stop acting like a chard!
by Bitch5284 December 15, 2010
Chewing Tobacco, skoal, grizzly, stokers
Want to pack a chard real quick?
by charder November 18, 2010