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It's pretty much Liquid Sex
An example of chantico can't explain the amazing feeling in your mouth.... just go get one!
by Delicious B September 12, 2007
8 1
"Drinking chocolate" sold at Starbucks. It's so kick ass and it's worth the price. No it's not made with chocolate powder. It's real melted chocolate blended with whole milk. So sinful. It's wonderful.
"I'm still on a choco sugar high from the chantico I drank earlier".
by Washout July 16, 2005
10 3
That crappy chocolate drink at Starbicks that is so fucking small, and costs me a hec of a lota money!
That Chantico drink was fucked up.
by Baglebites11 May 31, 2005
6 11
A disgusting chocolate drink you can buy at Starbucks. A very high in calorie beverage that costs $2.65 (not including tax) for a 6oz cup of steamed milk and chocolate powder.
"Ill have a nasty, bitter chantico for almost 3 dollars!"
by Katie April 04, 2005
4 17