Usually blonde, tan, and all around super cool chick.
Known to have OCD, and can have many personalities.
Caring, and Loyal female.
Person 1: This girls got a lot of pet peeves!
Person 2: She's acting like a Chantel.

Person 1: I met this super cool chick at a bar, her name must be Chantel!
by Canterbury April 24, 2008
- noun
1. Typically a woman from Wyoming that worries too much but is a very pretty lady. Likes The Notebook and Nicholas Sparks books. She also likes The Twilight Series
2. Also known as Jackie Legs or Legs
Ex. Wow, did you see that girl? She had legs like jack. She was a real Chantel
Ex. Quit complaining, you are being a Chantel
by K - Dizzle 11 December 23, 2008
The rare is one of many species of asisn, she can often be seen lurking in the depth of big fish, she is confused and devidied between to lovers, floyd and payne. You can spot the chantel by noticing the lack of a closed mouth caused by irregualar gum size. Do not get the chantel confused wiht the cute fluffy lovable common Rat. Her shoe size is higher than her IQ. (Coincedentaly the smae as yours). NO BOOBS!!
Man 1. man i just took a massive dump
Man 2. no man thats chantel

Man 1. I just pulled an aligator out of the swamp
Man 2. no thats chantel

Teacher. Where is your homework?
Student. My Chantel ate it
by meetyouatbigfish February 29, 2008
usally a Fuggly Slut,Yellow Teeth,Bad Smell To The Clothes.House ect,A bad person to socailze wiht.
(guy1) Hey whats that bad smell it smells like a Chantel

(guy2)Yes it does smell like a Chantel i can even see the yellow glare on her teeth.
by jonise May 03, 2009

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