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Another word for "stuntin." This word was formed in recognition of famous actor, Jackie Chan's stunts and awesome moves in all of his action movies--specifically a 1990's classic, "Rumble in the Bronx."
"Man, put on your stunner shades! Those are awesome!" --Sin
"I know man! I'm channin, aren't I?!!" --Kristina
"Dawg, those are so fly! Where did you get those channers?" --Alan
"Oh those channers are awesome. You're definitely channin', Kristina" --Ashley
"Oh, I can't help it! I chan every chance I get!" --Kristina
by kriSTUNKa! December 18, 2007

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when something is good or cool it is "channin"
"this cake is bare channin, mate"
by Harry Michael Kevin Johnson January 04, 2009