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Another way to say "thank you"

Like saying "thankies" only chankier.
awwh! Chankies!
by Drewproject86 November 14, 2010
or chank:
a substitution for any word you want.
or a cross between cool and dank
i will chank your head off.
That is so chanky
by mvhsc February 13, 2008
a combination of chunky and skanky. In other words, nasty.
The tuna fish sandwich was sitting in the sun all day so it was too chanky to eat.

Her puss was a little chanky because she had sex with 3 homeless guys while she had a yeast infection.
by Lila March 04, 2004
Clothing brand in New Zealand,
Also means cool.
"Thats pretty Chanky :)"
"Thats the Chankiest"
by Shaymis August 22, 2007
A particularly skanky chav
"Bloody hell, she was chanky!"
"Your mom and your dad are soooo chanky!"

by Jade123456 September 18, 2007
Chanky is an adjective to be used whenever somebody or something is both chunky and skanky
Fat people eating fried chicken from the box-o-chicken shop are well chanky
by henderson_jg November 04, 2007
Adj. foul, unpalatable, noisome, malodourous, Slang. Corruption of Chancreous, from middle English/French Chancre,(n.) sore or boil. related words, canker, cancer.
Best be quick, the dunny is pretty Chanky.
by Dan Towse August 16, 2004
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