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1.The act of loving change for the sake of change, often to unreasonable extremes.

2.The process that occurs when a people are so desperate for something new that they elect someone who may very possibly make things worse than ever.

3.Constantly striving to be avante-garde, and hating anything that has been accepted for any duration of time.
<company> has fired their old CEO and replaced him with <name> who is in favor of changism.

Changism has sweeped <country> as the people have gotten sick of <old political system>.

<institution> has thrown out their old textbooks and have updated their curriculum with a changist agenda.

Changism is more a way of life than anything. It can happen in cities, counties, states, countries, businesses, churches, schools - just about anywhere.
by Nimrod Nineveh November 13, 2009
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