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In our house a diaper change was a "changie". The process of changing a baby's diapers. The proceedure of removing a baby's diapers, be it rubber pants, cloth diapers, and pins, or a disposable diaper, and replacing the wet and soiled diapers with clean fresh ones.

Changie: A diaper change.
As I walked past the open door of the bathroom, a woman could be seen standing next to a baby changing table doing a changie.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. July 24, 2006
When you were little you used to attract lots of girls that said "You're so cute!" but in Middle School people whisper that your the weird kid who is riddled with zits and the kid who thinks he knows everything but is really fucking retarded. If you go near anyone, they will kill themselves.
Girl: "You're so cute!"
Boy: "Thank you!"
Boy's Friend: "Oh god, he's a Changie."
by FlubberBubber69 May 17, 2016
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