A word that disguises the rearrangement of the government from Democracy to any of the following: Communism, Monarchy, Fascism, Anarchy, etc.
Obama '08: Vote for Change
by RobertOldhead July 22, 2008
An acronim used for Obama in the 2008 election, Come Help A Nigga Get Elected, C.H.A.N.G.E.
We need Change.
by Copter12345 October 25, 2008
Come Help A Nigger Get Elected
Obama really needs "Change"
by Thatdude123 October 16, 2008
Come Help A Nigga Get Elected
barack obama is asking for change in this election.
by warwag187 October 16, 2008
An all too perfect, ridiculous and hilarious acronym that's been used too much lately, yet so true.

"the young people whose attitudes and beliefs and openness to "CHANGE" have already made history in this election."

"yes we can... Come Help A N* Get Elected"
by maknfunofevery1 January 15, 2009
Change is an acronym for "Come Help A Nigga Get Elected"...an overly used word for this "08" polical year.
"Change for America", "Time for Change" or just plain "Change" signs carried around for and by democrats
by Kane the Pain October 13, 2008
C- Come
H- Help
A- A
N- Nigger
G- Get
E- Elected
We need all of you to change for Barack Obama.
by iambane October 08, 2008
a tampon....so u dont have to yell it to ppl in the hall...guys wont know!
Callie, do you have any change?
by aubrey October 01, 2003

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