A feared admiral in the Chinese Navy. His best friends cautiously refer to him as "Mr." Also stated to be a fine golfer.
Mr. Chang unleashed his submarines at the flotilla commanded by the Commodore, while his thought turned to 5-irons to the pins at Palm Beach.
by chasethedoor January 07, 2014
can be used as a noun or verb.
To be cheap with purchases and/or friends. Manipulative, but extremely gullible, match-maker/home-wrecker, intelligent, but not likely, funny, but not when they mean to be.
G1: Hey man, can you buy me some weed? I'm broke
G2: Fool, I know you have money! Don't chang it up! Broke my ass...
G1: Lol, you got me!

G1: Hey man, thanks for hooking me and my girl up.
G2: Actually, can I have her instead?
G1: Wtf man, don't be such a chang!
by wehatespamming January 25, 2011
to smoke mad bowls with your friend(s) and get super highhhhh :).
person 1: "yooo wanna come over and chang with me?"
person 2: "yea i'm down."
by cheesesleezable February 19, 2011
A Chinese Last name, specifically Taiwanese.
His name is Kevin Chang, and his brother's name is Keith Chang
by Jaycee C June 07, 2009
A commonly used phrase that signifies both to Chill and to Hang in one fancy word
Yo dude, let's go chang at your place
by DonaldW May 03, 2008
n. - A dismissive or avoiding personality. An intentional or non-intentional act of neglect in response to salutations. An individual that responds to facebook "pokes" with poor timing.
"Sally responded with chang when invited to see the movie, claiming she had work to do for the following day."
by Changpoker September 23, 2014
To hang out and smoke pot. A combination of cheif and hang.
"tryna chang"
"After school I'm gonna chang hard as fuck"
by Soowoopchang November 03, 2011

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