Chanel is somebody who likes bands especially pierce the veil and sleeping with the sirens. She makes friends really easily and shes really good at talking to people who are depressed and helping them with their problems. Shes extremely skinny, she has the cutest clothes and shes charming. She likes wearing jesus attire. She gets really involved with her music and when she starts listening shes in a new world. Shes the nicest.
Ignorant bitch: Chanel? Isn't that like designer stuff?
Regular Bitchh: NO niqqa u is a hoe
by del carmen rajaram June 14, 2013
a very pretty lady that is a MD.
Woman you are chanel.
by Tye Lewis February 10, 2012
The case in somebody being hot.
Wow! Did you see that __________! That's Chanel
by Justin Lefkowitz May 23, 2007
a term for cocaine. Used Primarily in norcal and San Francisco area
Hey, I just got some Chanel!
by ferosh February 19, 2008
Cocaine. as in coke coke chanel. for teenage drug users who are to fab for other bad code names for it like blow.
I need some Chanel tonight.
by Christian Horrible January 06, 2007
A mixture of flamable chemicals and scents that French prostitutes use to cover up the stench of fart they dropped through eating too much Garlic, snails, and Frogs Legs.
Phwoarrr! Eh - dont worry about it Monsieur Le Fopp
I will break out ze Chanel to cover up ze stink!
by Giant Condom October 09, 2007
well it's basially clothes da rich ppL's also perfume,make-up.....etc.....
dat gurls is wear cHanEl lipgloss
by J....Top March 14, 2005

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