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A Cham is a Chav's girlfriend who thinks she is glamerous with her bling jewellery and overtight top on. Usually gets her ideas from trashy TV quick magazines but has no style.
Chams can often can be seen with dyed blonde/red stripes in jet black hair..

The word Cham is a cross between Glam (for glamerous) and Chav.
Jade Goody is a good example. But to spot a Cham in the urban jungle - hang around MacDonalds where they go on dates with Chavs.
She's not bad looking but she dresses like a bit of a cham.
by Cham Hater August 10, 2006
chuckling at monitor
<benji> i dont think id sky dive with sack/dick hanging out
<benji> nuts smacking around
<DaveONE> cham
by benji_ July 30, 2006
when you throw up in your mouth then swallow and/or spit it out

I chammed after eating that gigantic dinner.

Oh no, I think I'm going to cham!

Ew thats disgusting, I saw you cham!
by tnedutseenwahs April 22, 2009
Bits of white foamy stuff that collect in the corner's of your mouth after strenuous activity, or after a drunken nights sleep.
"Hey dude, I always get cham after going running with you."
by Esteban Lorenzo July 29, 2003
Sam and Chad. Together.
Sam + Chad = Cham

See also: Chamomile, Love
by 3 :o 3 May 01, 2005
A race of people from Southeast Asia. They come from Vietnamese, Cambodian, Malaysian, and Indonesian backgrounds. Most follow the religion of Islam. They are also the filthiest race around!! The only who can compare are Viets, Khmers, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and 1 White Boy.
"Yo man, you look Filipino."

"Hell no, I'm Cham."

"What's that?"

"A race of people from Southeast Asia. A while back we got taken over by the Vietnamese and some of our population was massacred so you barely see Chams around."

"Oh, that's a bummer."

"Yeah I know, we straight pwned."
by Hamzee September 14, 2007
Basically just food or the process of eating food.
"I'm hungry, lets get some chams"
"I'm going to cham down on some burgers"
by Amandundidthis January 24, 2009