- noun, plural haam (polish origin): An ill mannered bastard. One who has poor manners; ignorant; inconsiderate.
Remi didn't offer me a beer when he went to the fridge, what a cham!

That guy came to your birthday party without a gift? Yo, he's a cham...
by Chuj October 09, 2009
Top Definition
Chams normally come part of game Direct3D or OpenGL hacks.
Chams are like wallhacks but with an added bonus. Eg: When the opposition players are in front of walls or obejects, they would appear red. When they're behind it, they're green.
Player: WTF HAX! He shot me through the wall! CHAMS!!!!
by {EH}Wesker June 19, 2006
A race that inhabits 3% of vietnam, very rare.
man 1 : that guy is cham !
man 2 : really ? what the fuck is that ?
man 1 : iono, they`re rare though
by nickstuh August 12, 2006
A word used to describe the combined actions of chatting and being on web-cam. Mainly used by people in chat rooms looking for people interested in doing both, but who are too lazy to type it out.
Anyone wanna cham?
by Dark_Loki January 04, 2011
1.Typical dialect of the Cowley mandem used to describe a taaaasty meal, or a substantial amount of food which may also be referred to as 'fat chams', given its large volume and deliciousness.
Damn fool, you know i be hungrier than a motherfucker, i be thinking its about that time we got some chams
by smokykateatslivezebra December 07, 2013
Another word for a penis, used in Stoke-on-Trent
"Do you need the toilet duck"
"Yeah, i really need to dab me cham"
by WillFourstar March 01, 2013
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