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A gesture by which one who posseses a scrotum and testicles threads the scrotum between the middle and ring finger and then over the ring finger. The testicle is rested on top of the ring finger then finally the skin under the ring finger is pinched against the thumb. Thusly achieving the effect of a ring with a large stone set in place on top of it.
"Bow down and kiss the ring bitch"
"I made her kiss the ring"
"I show'dem the ring"
"He missed the last shot of the game because I showed him my championship ring".
#my ring #alias: the ring #the family jewels #get down on one knee and pretend to propose to girl for maximum effect #the rag.
by Mark Ryan and Mark McNulty December 20, 2007
It is the the symbol of win
Chip won a championship ring
#championship #rings #fisting #playing cards #beards
by dave fucknuckle April 01, 2008
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