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2006 Miami Heat - NBA Champions
Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat are the 2006 NBA Champions.
by dcf68 June 23, 2006
12 13
A boy who sweats a lot when playing basketball.
WOOT!...that champion, he's sweating like nobody's biznaz.
by Daniel May 18, 2005
15 17
Everyone on the planet, cause they all beat all the other sperm in the race to the egg... If used repeatedly it will piss any human being...
Even though you might be a massive douche bag... You still are a champion...
by Rustyoperation March 07, 2008
25 29
Amazing band from seattle, wa. They're drug free and positive sound impressed and challenged many bands in their genre to make better, honest, and more meaningful hardcore. Thier 2004 cd Promises Kept is definitely the halmark of their sound.
bro1:"Champion is whats up, son!"
bro2:"Yeah, they are pretty legit"
by sebastian crucial December 08, 2006
69 74
A woman version of a player, although not defined as a slut. She is not a booty call she makes them.
Damn Jenny is such a champion, she has so many guys eating out of the palm of her hand.

Also used in Jay-Z song "Lost One"
by LindseyMcG September 15, 2008
7 16
The ENGLISH rugby team!
We beat those aussies! Good lads!
by strape November 22, 2003
5 14
One who tries hard but fails anyway. Someone who expected to succeed against impossible odds and failed.

Often used to tease a someone who has just failed.

He tried to outrun the police on a ten speed bike, what a champion.

What a champion.
by Dave221 September 04, 2005
37 47