When a male masturbates and puts his thumb over his bell-end just as he ejaculates to get a pressure build up in his urethra that can then be sprayed just like champagne out a bottle.
Allie champagne supernova'd in Naomi's face.
by MikeyNiv July 20, 2009
When a person shakes up a bottle of champagne, puts their thumb over the top and then shoves it into the anus of another person. After a moment, that same person then drinks the explosive diarrhea-champagne mixture that explodes out of that person's ass like a water fountain.
Oh man, she bent over and let me champagne supernova her ass. I can still taste it.
by proud2bawesome January 04, 2011
When you are really high and you listen to the song champagne supernova and watch the visualizer on iTunes.
"Dude, that iTunes visulizer changed my life"

"I know, it is a Champagne Supernova"
by Calvin7658 November 25, 2006
when you shoot the cork out of a champagne bottle and spray it everywhere
That was a sweet champagne supernova last night
by crogster2005 July 26, 2006
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