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The action of many guys cumming on one's body.
John has just got a champagne shower. Have you got yours lately?
by Filter789 July 30, 2011
133 152
The act of shaking up champagne bottles and popping them, thus spraying your friends and yourself with large quantities of champagne in an act of celebration.
I can't wait until the champagne showers later
by Hyphy squirrel August 20, 2011
116 48
Female ejaculation - you need to work hard for those sweet bubbles!

When a woman ejaculates a clear fluid from her urethra all over you. Can squirt, also gushes.
"Emma was rolling around the bed moaning and I got soaked in a champagne shower! :D"
by UnFy November 05, 2012
7 10
the act of urinanating on somebody on than yourself for enjoyment!
doing an r.kelly "i wanna piss on you", i wanna make Champagne Showers on your face
by gaxven September 03, 2011
60 89