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A small room in a strip club that sounds ore appealing than it actually is.
Me: Dude, I can't pay any of my biils and if my wife finds out she is going to diorce me
Friend: That sucks. Why man?
Me: Because I was at a strip club and I don't know if the chick drugged me or not, but she somehow convinced me to spend $550 to take her to the "champagne room" and I didn't even have that much fun in there.
Friend: Dude, that sucks.
by WTFwasIthinking July 10, 2008
A room in a strip club where you get a bunch of girls for yourself and as much champagne as you want so that you get shitfaced. It normally costs around 100-300 dollars to get in there.
Even though there are hella strippers naked in the champagne room, there is no sex allowed.
by natedoggggggggggg July 07, 2005
A room.. with champagne!
But there's no sex in the champagne room.
by HOLLii April 10, 2005