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A champagne flush is a sexual act shared between two ladies and the finest bottle of Champagne money can buy. It is similar to an enema except with a carbonated twist.

First, the bottle of bubbly is shaken with gusto. Next the panties of the lucky lady is removed, the cork popped from the bubbly and the bottle (neck end) is inserted deep into the old hotdog wallet by the other lady.

The pressure of the spraying champagne will loosen up the vaginal canal and flush out any nasty old tampons and semen.

You'll be gushing to try it.
"Oh Gypsy, I'm feeling a little slimy downstairs."

"Well Ginger, I'll pop on out to the shops and grab a bottle of Moët."

"You are going to give me a champagne flush aren't you Gypsy?"

"Why of course Ginger!"
by Very Dirty Sanchez March 05, 2014
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