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A chalumpa is a meeting ground for morons.

A synonym for chalumpa would be /b/
Person one: hey have you heard about presleys party? god talk about a chalumpa.
Person two: nah i can't go i'll be too busy on /b/
Person one: ... /b/tard
by Zuzi March 11, 2008
While having sexual intercourse (from the front) deliver a deadly blow to the abdominal section of your fellow mate, thus causing his/her to lose their breath. After your mate curls and grabs his/hers stomach, slap them in the face and scream CHALUMPA!! (cha-lum-pa)
Dude I Chalumpa my girl last night!!
by Cockasaurusrex June 15, 2011
a term that shows your love for someone else when you call someone a chalumpa you are comparing them to a Mexican pastry fill with awesomeness,
Aww my little chalumpa! I love you!
by powerrocket3 March 29, 2010