Balls on a chick, a chick with balls (chick + balls = challs)
Michelle Rodriguez has huge challs!
by p34 June 02, 2010
Often found to wear awesomely stripy wooly hats at all occasions. Rumour has it you can find them either at 'college', festivals or in the pub. Has no real relevance to similar word 'chow' but some have attempted to eat one in the past.
1. 'I can see a Chall, it has an amazingly colourful hat and is somehow holding 6 beers in one hand.'
by Challsnicehat September 16, 2008
A term most commonly used in the southern United States as an abbreviation for the words "what are yall." It is quite an effective contraction, as it combines three words and syllables into one.
Chall doing later?

Chall bout?
by Pdaddy303 January 01, 2015
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