What a black person calls a white person
Ere Chalky, i can see you walkin down da road
by Smilie June 04, 2005
Top Definition
What a land based cephalopod calls a white person.
Granny Squid Billie: "Damn chalky lover!"
by alatari July 29, 2009
To exhibit extreme excitement or over-enthusiasm.
He was so chalky about landing a date with his crush that he could have pissed rainbows.

"I'm chalky about the grilled cheese I have for lunch today. I freaking love grilled cheeses."
by Dat Good Good March 19, 2013
A Chalky; Chalkie (or "Chalkies"), is a nickname given in skateboarding to small rocks or other small items that can wedge under the wheels. Chalkies pose an immediate threat of suddenly stopping the wheels movement and throwing the skater off.

After a stone is wedged it moves several centimeters before stopping the wheel all together. It tends to leaves behind a line similar to a chalk line, marking the position of where you were thrown. Hence the name, Chalky.

-"Oh man, how did you stack that bad?"
-"I was skating and hit a chalky, immediate faceplant"

-"Some chalkies coming up ahead, best to avoid them."
by Peza_01 August 31, 2008
A person who sucks in all aspects while you are around them (screeching sound while writing on the chalk board) and thereafter (white residue left on your hands).
That guy is one chalky individual.
by dynamal January 04, 2010
A girl who is seen wearing waay too much makeup, likes to get plastered every weekend and has a grating voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
Guy1: Man, she's hawt!
Guy2: Fucking chalky! Way too much makeup!
by ricey101 August 15, 2008
A thick white/yellow cone pulled through a bucket bong
Hey Sam, pull me a big chalky bucket
by Chalkers June 09, 2009
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