1)a game played with a pool table and each player has 8 balls and u throw them at the side pockets on the opposing players side blocking ur holes with ur arms and hands leaving welts huge the game was made on april 28 2005
that game of chaka was hella tight dood
by chi man April 29, 2005
Chaka: A Man that looks like a cave man, usually derogatory, but some bitches are into that

Veins on your dick. Used in reference to the entire veinal structure, not just individual veins
1. Me: Yo, the dude is fuckin' Chaka
Weird Bitch: I like it when I can't see the color of his skin because it is covered in hair

2. Yo, You can see the details of my chaka better right after I get head.
by D-Rock the Lone Renegade February 27, 2005
Slang word for cuvva
We getting some chaka in tonight
by Cockhead November 03, 2003

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