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A chair'orrist is that extremely obnoxious person who sits in someone else's chair and changes all their settings, and of course, never resets them. A chair'orrist is proven to be lazy, as the most they want to do is lean as far back in the chair as possible and move every adjustable chair part until they are comfortable enough to fall asleep...which they also constantly do. A chair'orrist is usually bored, having nothing better to do than sit and fiddle with every handle, lever, and arm rest (they are also so bored that they constantly tape their foreheads and then scrape their teeth with paperclips!). An extreme chairorist is one who works evenings, has horrible body odor and attacks unsuspecting chairholders!
Chairholder 1: WTF? Someone has changed all the settings on my chair!
Chairholder 2: Oh shit...the chair'orrist has been at it again!
Chairholder 2: No shit, I've been chair'orrized!
by Marykatherine Veras April 17, 2013

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