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An extremely unruly person, such as might need to be "kept on a chain."
When he's drunk, he's the world's biggest chainer.
by Coz the Shroom May 27, 2010
Someone who is attempting to do free-running or any similar movement, but failed miserably, then posting a video of it online.
He thinks by doing that he'll be cool, but he's such a chainer.
by Desmond B. January 17, 2008
one who is "hip"; up with the times
That bitch is a wannabe chainer.
by Cait/Eileen January 30, 2003
an addicted smoker, smoker of cigs, cool people but bad, smokes a lot
maria: hey what are we doing
later, Fred?
Fred: you know what were doing, we are chainers now!
Maria: o ok so who is going to steal the cigs?
Fred: You can this time and then i will *pay you back* later
by gina486 June 07, 2005