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1. A feeling of shame or humiliation.
2. Best-selling author Stephenie Meyer's favorite word to use.
To her chagrin, the party ended just as she arrived.
by GMintz September 13, 2008
Unease or embarrassment.
"After my Windows 98 crashed 6 times, I ran out and got 'friend of the robot' tattooed on my forehead, thinking the machines were rebelling and planning to kill us all. Imagine my chagrin when it just turned out to be a crappy product."
- Davejames
by thomas November 08, 2003
Stephenie Meyer's pet word that she abuses regularly in her Twilight (Twatlight) "saga".
"Oh, Edward, I'm sorry...please forgive me." I didn't deserve him; he was too perfect for me. In heart-wrenching chagrin, I turned away to stop him from seeing the tears of chagrin in my chagrined eyes.

He turned my face back towards him with a velvet movement of chagrin. "Oh, Bella, my love, there is nothing to forgive!"

"But there is!" I cried in chagrin. "Oh, Edward, can't you see that I simply don't deserve you?"

"Oh, Bella, you silly girl. I love you!"

"I love you too!" I chagrined.

"Oh, Bella..." my perfect Adonis chagrined.

"Oh, Edward..." I chagrined.

"Bella..." he chagrined.

"Edward..." I chagrined.

"Bella..." he chagrined.

"Edward..." I chagrined.
by ChagrinedToDeath July 26, 2011
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