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It's what happens when your mouth is dry and you get a buildup of white stuff on the corners of your mouth. Named after Mrs. Chaffin; a math teacher in ardmore alabama.
I got done with soccer practice and i was chaffin like a motherfucker.
by Matt Moore2 August 15, 2008
10 9
when a girl sucks dick so violently that her lips start peeling.
"Daaammmnnn girl, if u dont stop bein such a fuckin chickenhead u'll have chaffin' lips"
by Mike Bayer October 01, 2005
10 11
to be wack, the process of trippin or not knowing ones place
Damn Bitch, you be chaffin' if u think im gonna wash dem dishes.
by Chafin June 27, 2006
7 10