A chill person that drinks and smokes weed frequently. He never fights and is always the life of the party. Can be found either on the beach surfing or drinking in sandals and a t shirt in the middle of winter.
Yo hes such a Chad Bro Chill he smoked all day on the beach
by Kilo42 October 10, 2009
Top Definition
(v.) To chill to the highest degree. Only the upper echelon of chillers are capable of chadbrochilling. Chadbrochilling involves close friends, good beer, comfortable chairs, a relaxing hookah, and, optionally, bobles.

(adj.) Having the characteristics needed to chadbrochill. Relaxedness, quiet confidence, a good sense of humor are all good qualities in a chadbrochill person.

(n.) The act of chadbrochilling.
(v.) Let's grab a case of Sweetwater and chadbrochill.

(adj.) That guy is a chadbrochill motherfucker.

(n.) Well, this has been a good chadbrochill, but I have to go to work in the morning.
by chadbrochillin May 26, 2007
a man who is entirely way too small in stature for his ego, and his arms are full of tattoos consisting of flames, tribal bands, and flaming eyed skulls
Man I was in the mall in the other day, and this chadbrochill popped out of no where and tried to give me knucks.
by Ratley Banzz March 20, 2009
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