Mid 20's slang used to define a friend
whats going on Chach?
how was the bar last night chach
by deziredqt October 12, 2004
Chach perv: somebody on cocaine that trys to lure women to them with cocaine.
"Where did all the girls go?"
"They're across the street because some chach perv offered them some coke."
by Fylan August 17, 2005
A person (typ. male) that plays stump while wearing no pants. In extreme cases, sometimes places own nail near task nail. Synonym: Chach (#2)
He pulled such a chach (#1) move putting his nail where he did. He deserved having the ranch dressing licked off his nipple. That chach.
by Chach #5 March 29, 2005
Local to Southern Illinois, the word chach is used as a synonym for poop. It refers to either the product of the act or the act itself.
" I have to take a chach." or "Man, it smells like chach."
In the event of a fart, "air chach" is used.
by kellibean April 24, 2006
The greatest poster of all time on RealGM, which isn't a great website.
Person A: Wow, I like Chach a lot better than Prerak
Person B: I hear that.
by Jason Kidd July 04, 2004
can be used for a girlie man or a pussy
Alex is such a chach

I fucked Christine in her chach.
by ATA April 27, 2004
What some might refer to as a "metro-sexual". A lifestyle that goes against everything it is to be a man. Common symptoms may include: blaring dance music, bathing in cologne, very well kept hair with a lot of "product", the PERCEIVED ability to be able to pick up any woman they see. You can commonly find them in herds standing in long lines outside "popular" dance clubs, or slipping the doorman a $20 so they can show their superiority to the other chaches in line.
Joe Toubia is a complete chach.
by Dr. Gonzo March 29, 2005

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