kinda like a dirty douche bag only worse...why you ask??? it's simple, this kinda tramp is not only from the drags of humanity but is also know to sleep with other womens husbands and then brag about it. She thinks her shit don't stink but the rest of the population knows differently. she is not to be trusted and will blade you in a heart beat to try and better her self.
ya that's the dirty chach right there... she's to one that slept with Victoria's husband not to mention most of the cops in town. Heard that old Heather just got engaged too...hope there is an equally dirty chach waiting to sleep with her husband...what goes around comes around.
by Imapayne December 11, 2006
Chach adj. (Chaatch)

Chach can be used when describing something that is sketchy, or cheezy. Comes from the word Chachki, which is a gawdy trinket or something generally fugly.
An awkward vintage style, or skeezy handlebar moustache can be considered chach.

or, guys that have chest hair poofing out of their paisly shirts are wicked chach.
by girlll October 05, 2005
Slang synonym of part of the female anatomy, specifically the vagina.
"Adrienne just punched me in the chach!"
by Sarah H. November 25, 2006
A dumb fucking idiot, like the other definitions for this word.
That guy is such a fuckin chach.
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
What some might refer to as a "metro-sexual". A lifestyle that goes against everything it is to be a man. Common symptoms may include: blaring dance music, bathing in cologne, very well kept hair with a lot of "product", the PERCEIVED ability to be able to pick up any woman they see. You can commonly find them in groups standing in long lines outside "popular" dance clubs, or slipping the doorman a $20 so they can show their superiority to the other chaches in line.
Joe Toubia is a chach.
by Dr. Gonzo March 29, 2005
Konstantin. The man who plays the piano when he is drunk and then falls on people. He also does cocaine. Wears lacoste and other preppy clothing and rides in his new whip with salsa in the back seat and picks up ladies.
"He looks like Konstantin... he must be a chach."
by Sike August 17, 2004
Stupid ass
Someone who is not using their brain
Way to go you fucking chach!!!
by Mandy and Emily August 28, 2005
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