Anyone who is getting on your nerves , or is doing something stupid . pronounced : ch-ah-ch! you can either say there doing something chachy , or there acting like a chach .
Caitlyn steps on your shoe , you turn around and scream chach!
by MacK . February 01, 2010
COCAINE.. White powder that goes in your nose and fucks you up

Man last night was fucked, we were so CHACHED up!
by kamikazehh August 27, 2006
To be completely and utterly berated in a public fashion by someone in a position of authority. This usually occurs during a family function or party- mostly around the holidays. Potential offenses that can lead to being chached include drinking too much, disrespectful back- talk, or under age drinking.
I was drinking a beer when my Aunt decided to chach me. I didn't lay off the booze so my Uncle and Mom joined in on the chaching already in progress. Then my cousin hit me for disrespecting his mother. All the while, my Aunt continued to chach me- I was totally chachified!
by Celeste Wernsman December 29, 2006
1) Faggots from Minnesota
2) People who have a receding hairline before the age of 21
3) People who think they are huge but, in actuality, have a bird chest
4) People who look like a gnome from the computer game World of Warcraft
Coach Osborn is a chach big time.
by SimpleButTrue November 02, 2010
mexican crack horr
hey look its robert louzure, hes such a chach.
by shat on my doorstep November 16, 2009
vagina, cho-cha, pussy, ignition
"you smell like chach"
"Maz's chach is very popular"
"Spencer will fuck anything with a chach"
by uzma March 21, 2004
Local to Oakville, Ont. this word is used to describe Cocaine, the substance otherwise known as, Yeo, Johnny, Tony, Yeahaaws, Whites and the list just goes on.
"Sweet lady Chach"
"Dude, you're chached take it easy with the... Chach?"
"Wowza's, thats a lot of Chach"
"Sweep the floors and do some dishes and you shall get your chach"
"Cocaine eh? I'm calling the cops!" (and thats when the fun ended)

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