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Chacarron: The act of twitching the gluteal muscles violently in a circular motion
Yo cholo check out that thang chacarron like a shiznat!!
Word Klitcho that thing be poppin' like wheelies
by BIGGIE BIGZ May 12, 2008
39 72
Song by El Mudo (feel free to translate that)

Really bad, yet incredibly good (funny).
Dude, what are the lyrics to that Chacarron song?
Duuuude just go ualeulaeuleuelaeuelaeuaeluale!
by mi boligrafo tiene un pene May 18, 2006
273 52
Chacarron is the word given to somebody who waffles and babbles on about no particular topic
"Ualuealuealeuale Ualuelaelaellalea, Alsualsualualauusualulus Alsualsualualauusualulus

Ualuealuealeuale Ualuelaelaellalea, Alsualsualualauusualulus Alsualsualualauusualulus "

Says Adam

Steve says " You absolute Chacarron, Shut the hell up!"
by Cragsterboy July 02, 2009
72 40
an expression used to signify that someone just did something incredibly, retardedly, stupid. the word originates from the song Chacarron Macarron by El Mudo.
dood 1: "did you hear that jason just poked his eye out with an ice cream cone when he crashed his car into a pole?"
dood 2: "CHACARRON!"
by DemonRatNinja July 25, 2008
50 58
Spanish slang for party
Hey ese, meet over at my place at 8 for a badass chacarron!
by muerto1978 January 29, 2011
25 34