an adjective describing something a hipster would be interested in. Something that has not yet reached mainstream status. Pretty much anything a hipster does or likes is chab.
That's a chab band.

Wearing nerd glasses with the lenses poked out is so chab.
by Mr. Sulu July 16, 2012
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The act of masturbating using ones own excrement for lubrication. Often performed (But not limmited to) on a toilet or in a shower.
1. The filthy bastard was pulling a chabs in my living room.

2. Go chabs yourself dickhead.
by Jack Star December 11, 2006
This word has no definition, it can mean anything you like.
Thats so chab! (Thats really great!)

What a fucking chab. (That person annoys me)
by TheThirdMan April 18, 2004
Having abs that are either hidden or accompanied by stomach fat, can be used to insult people who think they have abs when they really don't. Chubby abs = chabs.
*Man pulls down top*
"Check it out bro, i have a 6 pack."
"No you don't, you've got chabs."
by mcg0060 October 30, 2011
Anything foreign that makes it's way onto your face.
Dude! wipe that chab off your face.

After eating a sandwich Billy had a massive amount of chab in his beard.
by Hostile Sausage March 12, 2009
Chastity Boy, a guy who strongly believes in Chastity and usually wears big belts to keep the girls out of his pants(;
That guy's so hot, but he's a Chab which is pretty disapointing.
by Loves2Cuddle April 17, 2011
is the ultimate male muscle combination desired by many but perfected by few. It is the chest + abs, when the whole upper body becomes one big mass and you can’t really tell where one starts and the other ends. Basically when someones upper body looks like a big round solid keg of fat or muscle.
It seems certain asian guys have perfected this marvelous display of chunk.
Dude: "Bro! put your shirt back on you look like you are pushing maximum density"

Fatty 1: "Nah! man the ladies love the Chabs"

Dude: "Man i wish i looked like a keg on stilts"
by Marty McHerps April 29, 2009

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