An abbreviation for "Can't Get Laid". Used by Conan O'Brien.
He's experiencing some CGL problems right now.
by DoubleX July 01, 2004
Top Definition
Can't Get Laid, an 'abbreviation' invented by Conan O' Brien in his skit that featured new internet lingo. Was first aired 24.06.2004 in America.
Man, CGL.
by pompo500 June 30, 2004
To CGL is to chuckle giggle laugh. It refers to any time something is funny.
I just CGL'd when Philiam told me about the losing the game
by Crazy Daisy October 20, 2010
'Crazy Ginger Leprachaun'
Used for people who are small, angry and ginger.

Porri and Ffion are prime examples of a CGL.
by Gareth E May 25, 2008
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