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Mexican beer
customer: I want a cerveza
bartender: okay, we have a Corona, Dos Equis, Jose Cuervo, or Tequiza
by Big Tone May 18, 2004
Slang for 'bitch' in World of Warcraft, on the Draka realm.
Tim: Man, that druid healer was a real Cerveza!
Dave: Did you know he was a guy?
Tim: Who doesn't?
by Electrolyte52 October 29, 2009
a person who uses a voice mod when talking to some one on an online voice chat system such as "ventrillo" to sound like a female even though 99% of the people on the voice chat system know that they are a male in real life.
this person is commonly causing drama in the guild and annoying people to death with their bad voice mods
bob "hey did you hear that cerveza chick on vent"

frank "yea man, but you know that's a guy right"

bob "no way"

frank- "bob your an idiot your the only one in the whole world that could be fooled by this"
by anonymous121332 October 19, 2009
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