a really hard piece of shit that clogs your bowl
Oh no! Someone took left a really big cerote in the bowl!
by Blanca Mosso August 31, 2003
a racist remark for a salvadorian
"get out of here pinche cerote"
by Chitooneism September 15, 2005
Word used by Central Americans to reffer to Mexicans, who think they are appreciated because of their nationality and funy accent.
"Que guey mas cerote este", "Para cerote no se estudia"
by Juan de la Costa November 18, 2006
Cerote is a Central American word for turd. When Central Americans arrive in the U.S. they called Mexicans cerotes, and Mexicans only laugh because they didn't know the meaning of the word turd cerote. Since Mexicans are mostly indians and their vocabulary is very limited in Spanish. The same thing happens with Mexicans born in the U.S., their English is very limited and they have an accent.

Since Mexicans are ignorant and they speak a mess up Spanish, they say 'guey', 'polecia' 'aguelo' when the words are 'buey', 'policia', 'abuelo'.
Salvadoran: El cerote traga nopales solo se rie cuando le digo cerote, que ignorante! 1978.
The turd prickly-pear-cactus eater only laughs when I call him turd, what an ignorant! 1978.

Guatemalan: Que se puede esperar de un mono mexicaca, la palabra cerote no existe en su vocabulario mexicaca. 1978.
What do you expect from a Mexican monkey, the word turd doesn't exist in the Mexican vocabulary.
by Questone August 03, 2010
Any central american person. These animals will often try to imitate Mexicans so they can get respect.
Anyone who is from El salvador,honduras,nicaragua, guatemala, or any other little piece of shit on the map is a cerote. These "countries" never compete in the World Cup because they are inferior brain dead animals who get brain washed by their own "music" which they call regeton.
by Aztec warrior sam July 15, 2006
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